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  1. The Alpha Girls are coming

Well known promoters Alpha Girls from Hamburg Germany are putting together something new for you this summer.


Alpha Camp Lesbos

Alpha Camp is a new type of holiday for women in Skala Eressos with the emphasis on having fun and getting the best from your holiday.

With 20 years of experience organising and promoting women's events around the world, Karin Kauffmann of Alpha Girls is pulling together promoters from all over the world to create a international event with something for everyone.

There will be over a dozen well known DJ's from the women's scene around the world to entertain you, as well as organised beach activities and parties day and night.



The full program includes

alpha camp lesbos

Dance lessons and events on the beach

Join in with dance teacher and Dancing with Stars presenter Nadia Hadri Gomez

Sports - including Beach Volleyball and Soccer,  Races and Games just for fun


Beach parties

Champagne events

Special dinner events

Singers and shows


Party, Party, Party with your favourite DJ's to entertain you -


From Russia

  • DJ TOP STYLE - from St Petersburg
  • DJ PETROVA - from Moscow
  • DJ ZIMCERLA - from St Petersburg
  • DJ ENJOYA - from Moscow

From Germany
  • LADYCHAN - from Berlin
  • BETTY FORD - from Kassel
  • ALEX B - from Hamburg
  • ADCHEN - from Berlin
  • MONIQUE - from Berlin Germany

From Spain

  • MISS BROWN - from Barcelona

From USA

  • SHEJAY LIZ OWEN - from Atlanta
  • DJ MAUI BABE NEW YORK - from Maui

From Great Britain

  • MISS CUPCAKE - from London England

From Greece

  • MISS SHY - from Athens Greece
From Holland
  • DJ DEES - from Amsterdam
  • QUEEN JOTTJOTT - from Amsterdam

alpha camp lesvos

The Alpha Girls are pulling out all the stops to make sure that this will be The Event of Summer, so book your tickets now and