Located on the southwestern tip of the island of Lesvos and set in a lush valley surrounded by hills, Skala Eressos is by the sea. It is one of the most beautiful and relaxed resorts on the island of Lesvos and the south facing beach is mainly sandy and stretches out for 3 km with watersports facilities, a women's beach, nudist section and for those wanting some peace and privacy, the far end by Sappho's rock is often deserted and perfect for meditation or early morning yoga. The main village is located 4kms away in the foot hills and due to its location, 96kms away from the main town of Mytilene it has retained many of its old traditions and style. While you're in Skala it is well worth popping up for a visit, have a coffee or something to eat in the main square and then wonder around some of the narrow lanes that twist their way in and around it.

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The resort attracts tourists from all over Europe and in the high season many greeks also choose to holiday here. The beach is one of the best on the island and the row of restaurants and bars with terraces located over the water's edge with a view of Sappho's rock create an idyllic setting. Whether you are having pre dinner cocktails while you watch the sun set or enjoying a fresh fish meze with some local ouzo, you cannot help but relax and chill out to the sound of the gentle waves lapping up against the shore. Mid July to mid September tend to be the busiest time with greek families preferring the month of August when many come to enjoy the sun and the various festivals that take place on the island.

Springtime is one of the most beautiful times to visit the island and Skala Eressos and the surrounding area are no exception. Beginning in April and right up to the end of May the valley and surrounding hills are covered in wildflowers with spectacular displays of colour. If you enjoy birdwatching, cycling or walking in the countryside then this is the time to come. The island is one of the premier bird watching locations in Europe and is reputed to have the widest variety of wild flowers found anywhere in Europe.

Women from all over the world holiday in Skala and its a great place to meet and make new friends. There is vibrant women's community who organise activities throughout the summer and there are several woman owned bars and restaurants including a theatre bar. Activities include yoga sessions, meditation classes and holistic workshops, 5 a side football and volleyball tournaments are often held and there are a variety of creative art and music workshops. July to mid September are busy and for those who want to party there is always something happening, from dance parties in the bars, to caberet nights and beach parties. Alternatively the valley is perfect for walks through olive groves and up into the mountians for spectacular views and quiet picnics. The village has an enchanting feeling with quiet, shaded backstreets and an atmospheric traffic-free seafront, offering traditional and modern dining overlooking the sea.  


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The laid back and friendly atmosphere of Skala Eressos welcomes all who come. It is a magical and mystical place that bewitches many a traveller leaving them yearning to return

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 What others have to say about Skala Eressos

"Skala reaches inside and grabs your very soul leaving you wanting more"

"In the city life passes you by, in Eressos life touches you"  - Nazli

"I came for a week and stayed a month, I just couldn't leave" - Maria

"I had a fantastic time, the islands beautiful, the weathers great and its been a really lazy experience, just what i wanted." - Jenny

"I'm normally quite shy and stick to my small circle of friends back home but everyones been so friendly and easy to talk to, its been a great experience." - 

"How could anyone not enjoy themselves here? It has something for everyone" - Francis


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Being in the northern Aegean Lesvos experiences a mild mediterranean climate with an exceptional amount of sun hours per day making it one of the sunniest places in the Aegean Sea.

With average temperatures beginning around 24 celsius in May rising to 32 celsius in August Lesvos is perfect for those who cannot cope with the extreme temperatures found in some of the more southerly Islands.  

The winter and early spring can be wet whilst the summers are warm with long, dry days with plenty of sunshine. Northern winds tend to be dry and strong whilst the southwest wind is usually dry and warm.


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