Skala Eressos Womens Holidays
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  1. The Alpha Girls are coming

Well known promoters Alpha Girls from Hamburg Germany are putting together something new for you this summer.


Alpha Camp Lesbos

Alpha Camp is a new type of holiday for women in Skala Eressos with the emphasis on having fun and getting the best from your holiday.

With 20 years of experience organising and promoting women's events around the world, Karin Kauffmann of Alpha Girls is pulling together promoters from all over the world to create a international event with something for everyone.

There will be over a dozen well known DJ's from the women's scene around the world to entertain you, as well as organised beach activities and parties day and night.


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Sappho Spring Festival Skala Eressos- Come and join the fun


The International Sappho Spring Festival, is now in its 3rd year and has been inspired by the ever popular theatre bar of Sappho Garden of the Arts.  The 'Garden', as it is affectionally known by those who know and love it, has been entertaining women for the last 4 summers.  Encouraging women to get on stage and join in has always been a focus of the Garden and its friendly relaxed atmosphere has made it possible for many women to explore their own creative and often hidden, talents.


Special Offer - for a limited time only 2 weeks in Skala Eressos from £435 per person

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International Womens Festival Skala Eressos

The International Eressos Women's Festival held in September of every year is a long established and popular festival attracting women from all over the world.  Hundreds of women choose to holiday in Skala Eressos during this time and it has a lot to offer, from live performances by a variety of artists, therapies, workshops, organised walks and trips to other parts of the island.



Two Weeks from £498

Prices based on 4 people sharing and include flights, accommodation and transfers

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